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Automated Carbon Credit & REC Platform

Electryone is proud to present the Carbontricity first-to-market digital Carbon Credit & REC platform to fully automate the registration, verification, certification, and monetization of carbon credits and RECs. Credits / RECs issued from the Carbontricity platform meet the highest global standards and adhere to the IREC protocol. 

Plug and play technology meeting the highest global standards.

Zero cost, risk, or maintenance required from project owners.

Most profitable renewable energy program with a global network of traders.

Accelerates clean energy adoption by providing access to carbon credit revenue.

About Company

Carbontricity Platform’s Comparative Advantages

The Carbontricity platform has many advantages vs current carbon credit and REC programs.


The platform directly accesses inverter APIs to collect production data. Production data is processed against IREC protocol standards and validated. Once validated, a certified serial number is generated. Certificates are digitized and posted with various trading entities for sale.


The Carbontricity platform eliminates the possibility of “double counting” which is considered the biggest market related issue. Energy production information is integrated against data centric carbon credit and REC standards, issuing and maintaining an immutable registry overseen by trusted 3rd party auditors. All steps in the credit life cycle are tracked, recorded, and visible through tokenization. The market has visibility to how and where each credit was made and transactions until the credit is retired.


Project owners have no cost for project registry, platform access, or program maintenance. Because the program meets the highest global standard and is 100% traceable, credits can be sold into global markets. Trading partners access the highest market price at time of sale. Carbontricity has 150 listed traders and banking partnerships with a global trading desk.

Advancing the Global Carbon Credit Market

The carbon credit marketplace offers an essential tool for global collaboration in combatting climate change. The market is the best option  for governments, businesses, and individuals to meet their associated net zero and emission reduction goals. In 2021, the global mandatory markets were valued at $769B and the voluntary market surpassed $1B. The total global market value increased 164% in 2021. Major financial institutions project significant growth in the carbon credit market. As governments and companies mandate aggressive emission reductions, the demand and value of certified credits will accelerate at a rapid pace. By 2029, carbon credit pricing may increase by 3,000%. 

Transparent Partnership for Growth

As the market accelerates, Carbontricity and their partners will share in the revenue growth. The platform facilitates transparency for all partners. Project owners have visibility to production, certification, and pricing and receive a higher revenue as prices increase.