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Our Technology

Carbon Credits Automated Platform Technology via the Hedera hashgraph

Carbontricity is a Carbon Credit and REC state of the art platform, featuring its innovative technology, financial and operational benefits, and complete program flow. Carbontricity’s platform is the first-to-market fully automated program for carbon credit and REC revenue. The platform automates:

  • Project Registration
  • Production Monitoring
  • Standard Verification
  • Certification / Serialization
  • Monetization / Sale

Platform & Benefits


Through the Carbontricity platform, all paperwork, registration, and validation occur through the system’s algorithms and programming with established agreements and process flow approvals from the necessary stake holders including inverter OEMs, carbon credit and REC auditors, global financial institutions, and Hedera, a fully open-sourced public distributed ledger.


Historically, the greatest issue with carbon credit and REC markets was the lack of transparency which could result in double counting. Carbontricity platform provides complete transparency and makes double counting impossible via the Hedera hashgraph. Hedera is owned by 30 global companies including Google, IBM, Boeing, T-Mobile, Standard Bank, and several additional Fortune 100 companies. https://hedera.com/council

The network services include solidity-based smart contracts, as well as native tokenization and consensus services used to build decentralized applications. Hedera is an energy neutral, irrevocable, fully open-source, public distributed ledger. It utilizes a fast, fair, and secure hashgraph consensus to record and post every necessary data point in the carbon credit life cycle from registration to retirement. The record and standards stand up to any existing auditing body and will update if governmental standards change.

Platform & Process Overview

There are no costs or fees associated with the Automated platform. Production facility owners provide an intake forms plus other documents with information about their facility and participate in a 5-year revenue share agreement with our company. After agreements are in place and facility is onboarded, a data link is established with the system’s existing inverters or production monitoring software. Through these API data feeds, production information feeds into the platform in real time. Production data is validated against the requirements of all top international auditing organizations including I-REC  which is considered the most rigorous one. As production data meets the highest standards, a certification/serial number is generated, and the REC or Carbon Credit is posted for sale to our international banking partners with hundreds of registered investors in their trading desks. Revenue from credit sales is posted back to the facility owner directly from the platform upon sale.


Because the platform meets the highest global standards and provides complete transparency, credits generated can be sold into both global voluntary and compliance markets. Under existing REC programs, credits must be sold in the same regions they are generated making it difficult for buyers and sellers to come together. Carbontricity platform has established relationships with multiple international banks and hundreds of registered traders.

Standard Bank, the largest bank in Africa was the initial trading partner and the global market leader in the carbon credit investment space and has had an active trading desk for over a decade selling to multiple countries and showing tens of millions in annual revenue. Standard Bank is also an owner of Hedera and has over 150 registered carbon credit traders.

Additional trading desks are being established in London, Norway, Zurich, and the Asia Pacific region. Credits from the Carbontricity platform are more profitable because 1) zero COGS, 2) can be sold in compliance markets, and 3) can be sold in global markets to multiple trading desks paying the highest price at a given time. According to recent articles from Bloomberg, Bernstein, The Economist and others, project carbon credit values to increase several thousand percent over the next five years.


The platform developers have been involved in renewable energy for many years, they were one of the first manufacturers of solar panels, have gigawatts of micro grid developments around the world, and have been involved in many large scale highly visible projects including multiple World Cup events. Their expertise in renewable energy, technology, and international finance has facilitated the needed relationships and resources to make this program a success.



Carbontricity first to market carbon credit and REC program removes the barriers to entry for production facility owners to begin receiving carbon credits revenue. The platform’s innovation, automation, transparency, and profitability are poised to disrupt existing trading markets. Through this platform, production facility owners can more easily generate credits and get a higher price on international markets. Buyers can more easily access credits for sale and have complete confidence in the product’s environmental impact. Together we can accelerate clean energy adoption by providing access to the benefits of clean energy production.